My sisters and mother become sex slave for bet – part 3

16Hello freinds, aapka dost aman hazir hun agle part k sath. Continue reading “My sisters and mother become sex slave for bet – part 3”


Turning Susan into a whore

10Sue was raised an arrogant, snobbish little bitch that always thought she and her family were better than most people on earth. I started dating her when she was only 15 and because of her attitude, she didn’t have a lot of friends. Within 2 weeks I was fucking her every day. The first time was in my parents attic. I fucked her on the floor and saw the blood drip out of her pussy, so I knew she was telling me the truth when she said she was a virgin. She was the most submissive girl I have ever fucked Continue reading “Turning Susan into a whore”

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